What is Cryptum

Reframing the blockchain complexity
Cryptum is a full solution that allows users to interact easily with the next generation of Web 3.0, powered by blockchain public technology.
Through Cryptum users can tokenize assets, create currencies, create and sell NFTs, integrate crypto checkout in e-commerces, buy, withdraw, swap, and stake cryptocurrencies in the main blockchain protocols.
Cryptum offers a set of tools that can be integrated into your business according to your needs.
Our solutions come with user authentication to guarantee maximum security to accounts. All Cryptum features work with non-custodial wallets — meaning that users’ private keys are stored and protected by users themselves. This grants full control over transactions and eliminates any kind of risks.
If you are new to the world of blockchain, or want to know more about Cryptum’s important concepts, check out our Glossary.
Cryptum commits itself to comply with all reasonable safety conditions of all personally identifiable information received from its Users and Clients as well as to process such information as per the applicable data protection regulations.

What problem does Cryptum solve?

Building blockchain solutions is still a big challenge for most organizations and businesses. Finding experts at an affordable cost is an even greater challenge that can easily compromise your budget. That's where Cryptum comes in - offering an entire blockchain infrastructure through quick and easy integrations via API, SDK, Plugins - and a dashboard interface to interact with Web 3.0.
And for those who don't have a developer profile but want to interact with Web3, we have no-code tools that allow you to easily achieve your goal.
Get started now from our Dashboard!

Straight to the point:

Cryptum Dashboard

Our dashboard is your gateway to Web 3.0! There you can start your blockchain journey and find the following features:
  • Create Projects (1 API Key is generated for each project)
  • Manage API requests, credits and webhooks
  • Integrate external wallets like MetaMask and others
  • Manage your e-commerce store, integrated with crypto payments and NFTs
  • Create Collections, NFT’s and do whatever you want with it
  • Setup Products splits (%) and associate them with NFTs
  • Buy and withdraw crypto
  • Manage your account and billingCheck out our Platform's full documentation to get the most out of our platform.


Cryptum offers REST APIs for many different use cases:
Public Blockchain APIs - clients can manage wallets, webhooks, broadcast transactions, check transactions and fees, swap tokens, and check currency prices. For more details check the supported Protocols and the API Reference. Recommended for businesses that want to integrate the public blockchain core.
Store Integration APIs - clients can connect their e-commerces to Cryptum, integrate their products, perform crypto checkouts, automatically transfer NFTs based on confirmed orders, list orders, and more. For more details check the Store Integration section in the docs. Recommended for e-commerce owners that want to sell NFTs and/or receive payments in crypto.
Private Ledger APIs - clients can create a “permissioned ledger” in Cryptum’s ecosystem, allowing end-users to create accounts/wallets, transact values without any blockchain fees, create customized tokens, and more. For more details, check the Private Ledger API Reference. Recommended for businesses such as Banking as a Service, Fintechs, digital banks, and more.

SDK JavaScript

For advanced developers and teams, Cryptum offers a JavaScript SDK, making integration faster and more flexible. You can check our SDK Reference here.


Cryptum offers Plugins that allow sellers to connect their online stores with the Web3 ecosystem in a simple and efficient way. They allow crypto checkout and NFT selling on your running store.
The plugins are available for WooCommerce! - more options coming soon!

Integrated Blockchain Protocols

Despite Cryptum being a blockchain-based platform, it remains blockchain-agnostic. We support multiple different chains through a single solution so that users don't have to deal with different blockchain protocols individually.
We have the following protocols already integrated in our platform:
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Celo
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Solana
  • Stellar
  • XRP Ledger
  • Cardano
  • Hathor
  • Avalanche (C-Chain)
  • Polygon (Matic)
Check out our Integrated Blockchains doc to know what you can do with each one.
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