In this guide, we'll teach you how to check realtime currencies prices.
Step 1
The first prerequisite you will need is the creation of an account and a Project (API Key) on Cryptum Dashboard.
PS: Our dashboard is almost ready! To generate an API Key, contact [email protected]​
Step 2
With a valid Cryptum API Key, you can then instantiate the SDK as follows:
const CryptumSdk = require('cryptum-sdk')
const sdk = new CryptumSdk({
environment: 'testnet', // 'testnet', 'mainnet'
Step 3
Define which currency you want to query and pass it as a parameter. In the results, you can see all currencies available.
const prices = await sdk.prices.getPrices('BTC')
Prices {
BRL: 288334.24345847557,
USD: 50689.16,
EUR: 44770.01,
ETH: 12.358597889080416,
XLM: 177731.9775596073,
MDA: 93990.65455219729,
BNB: 92.25940082268575,
XRP: 50336.80238331678,
CELO: 10304.76926204513,
BTC: 1,
HTR: 25093.643564356436,
ADA: 34909.88980716254,
AVAX: 406.391084743045
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