Pricing and credits

Understand how Cryptum billin mechanisms work
Cryptum is divided into sub-product structures, according to the focus of the customer who will consume our solutions. So we have a few different billing mechanisms for our customers.

For Developers - Crypto-as-a-Service

The entire stack of developer tools, like the SDK, our APIs, the KMS, the Private Ledger - will be based on the subscription model with credits counting.
For each project created, you will be able to have a different subscription plan, with a package of credits that will decrease as you use our tools.
These credits can be tracked in the Dashboard - here we have a Credits Table for our customers to keep track of.
If you are already testing Cryptum on the Free/Testnet plan and want to transfer your project or product to Mainnet, get in touch using this form:
Active plans and API Keys
All charging operations for this usage profile will be done according to the active plans for each development project (API Keys).
Quantity of projects
You can have 1 or more Free projects, but know that you will always be able to access only Testnet in this model.
1 Plan for each Project
For each new project created, it will be possible to choose a recurrence plan, which will work through credits and consumption by requisitions. These plans allows you to connect to Mainnets.
1 Billing to each Project
For each created project, it will also be possible to choose a different billing method - that is, it will be possible to have 1 credit card for each created project.
Credits package for 1 Project
The credits purchased for each plan/project are exclusive for the use of that Project (API Key).

For Sellers

For Cryptum users who will use the dashboard to integrate Stores (e-commerces), there will be no subscription plan!
On crypto sales using the Checkout Plugin, Cryptum will receive % fee on the transaction value.
On NFT sales using the NFT Plugin, Cryptum will receive % fee on the order price.
Don't forget that for all transaction operations, you need to have funds in your wallet! And Cryptum allows you to buy or sell crypto directly from our Dashboard! Just go through the KYC review!