The technical layers of Cryptum

Cryptum is composed of a robust architecture, which ranges from a web application for management to a blockchain infrastructure, with tools at different levels of implementation complexity.

We make it easy for developers who are not familiar with blockchain applications to operate our frameworks. If you are new to the world of blockchain, or want to know more about Cryptum’s important concepts, check out our Glossary.

The representation of the Cryptum’s architecture:

Blockchain Infra (BaaS)

This is the core of the Cryptum solution. The blockchain infrastructure allows clients to integrate and interact with the most diverse blockchain protocols - you don't need to start from scratch! We already laid the foundation for you to build upon.

Don't worry about deploying and maintaining a node, much less about learning unfamiliar programming languages - Ethereum uses Solidity, Cardano uses Haskell, and Solana uses Rust... Not exactly the most popular languages out there! All you have to do is integrate Cryptum's functionalities (like creating digital assets, transferring tokens or minting NFTs) into your business logic.

Cryptum also offers the possibility to create Proofs of Concept on Testnets or final products on Mainnet.

Public Blockchain protocols and tokens

Cryptum is blockchain-agnostic, which makes our solution able to operate different protocols natively. By changing a single parameter in the requests, users can switch between protocols.

To learn more details about each protocol using Cryptum, go to the Ecosystem page!

Private Ledger

In addition to the public blockchain protocols, we have a permissioned layer, developed with Hyperledger Besu technology.

This layer allows customers to transact in a permissioned layer, where transactions occur with better performance and no blockchain transaction costs.

Private Ledger also works through authenticated APIs, connected to a Hyperledger network (channel), also offering blockchain auditability and trust.

Cryptum SDK

Our SDK (Software Development Kit) is the link between our infrastructure and your application. It is a set of functions written in JavaScript that allow any JS application to interact with public blockchain protocols. It is published as a package on npm, so all you have to do to get started is run npm i cryptum-sdk in your project directory, and you're ready to get started.

For the next steps check out our guides section.

API Connector

Your application wasn't built using JavaScript? No problem. We also offer a connector interface that maps all of our SDK's functions to simple REST calls. Instead of instantiating our SDK, you can run this API Connector service parallel to your application, and whenever your Python, C, Java, etc. code would use the SDK - it sends a request to this service instead.

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