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Move from the free trial plan to a production environment

If you're using Cryptum to develop a Proof of Concept, a hypothesis test, or simply an 'unofficial' MVP, chances are you've created a Free project, right?

To do so, access our Dashboard and create your first Community Edition project, as shown in the following image:

Note that you can create a free project in testnet or mainnet. You can create both - and they will exist in the dashboard, but in a separate view.

To officially go to market with your web3 product using the blockchain mainnets, you should target your development towards the mainnets of the blockchain networks.

Your new Mainnet API Key will give you access to all major blockchain production networks. However, you will have limited use until your monthly credits run out. Keep an eye on the credits counter in your project!

If you want to create a custom project using mainnets you will have to contact our sales team so that we can create a customized plan for your business - amount of credits, performance and technical and business guidelines!

It is important that you pay attention when deploying your product to production - for that, you will have to change the parameters in the implementation, using your API Key from mainnet and not from testnet.

Also remember to change the parameters in the codes, where testnets were called before.

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