The crypto checkout service revolves around the concept of orders. Each time a payment is requested, an order is created. Orders can be updated, monitored, canceled, but never deleted.

Some methods in the order ecosystem accept bearer token authentication. This is necessary because some endpoints naturally reside in the application front-end, and your API key cannot be shared publicly under any circumstance. The only method that requires the API key exclusively is the creation of orders.

The main flow of information starts with the creation of an order. A callback URL must be provided along with the other parameters. This callback URL is the address that will be notified with relevant information and allows the client to receive up-to-date information and act accordingly. After the order was created, a payment address will be provided for the end user. Once the payment is made, a notification is sent to the previously mentioned URL, allowing the business to proceed as desired. Usually, this is where the goods or services are cleared for delivery.

Before making any order requests, make sure you set up your wallets through the stores API. Check out how you can do so here: Store

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