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Getting started

Create your account, API Key and start building!

Create your Cryptum account

Your first step in Cryptum is in the Dashboard.
You need to create an account with a valid email address or using social sign in - Google, Discord or GitHub!

Create and manage your Projects (API Keys)

After registering, you will access a screen where "Projects" can be created.
Click the "+Project" button. You can create different types of projects, but in this case, choose the Development type.
Choose whether you want to initially create a Community Edition project using the blockchain Testnet, or Mainnet networks.
Important! It is advisable to create a first Test project (blockchain testnets). To do so, create a Free project and receive your API Key for testnet.


  • NPM
  • Node version: ^14.17.0


Open your project
cd my-amazing-project/
Install using npm manager
npm install -S cryptum-sdk

How To's

Below is a short code example showing how you can use cryptum-sdk to connect your amazing application with several blockchains.


To configure cryptum-sdk you need only to provide a config in format JSON.
const CryptumSDK = require('cryptum-sdk')
const sdk = new CryptumSDK({
enviroment: 'development', // 'testnet' or 'development', 'mainnet' or 'production'
apiKey: 'my-secret-api-key',
Check the full guide for Development Projects on Dashboard 👇