Develop Web3 applications fast with our Dev stack!

If you are a developer or part of a tech team, stay on top of what Cryptum can offer you!

Cryptum was born with its core designed just for you. We created a complete solution that facilitates the integration of your business (or the company you work for) into the most reputable blockchains.

You will have the availability of fast integrations with various functionality and blockchain protocols.

If you are thinking of creating a Token (Currency), issuing an NFT, crypto Staking and Swap, checking currency prices and many other operations with crypto assets, follow the instructions on GUIDES!

The stack of tools:

Quickly integrate your business with our blockchain Rest APIs. The developed documentation is self-explanatory e doesn't require developers specialized in blockchain, making the product's integration easier globally.

Instantiate our JavaScript SDK and integrate any blockchain functionality easily, with no need to have any blockchain knowledge. This is the most powerful tool in the entire Cryptum stack.

As our SDK offers more functionality than other API services, we've noticed that many customers end up getting a block for not using a JavaScript backend.

That's why we created a layer that allows any programming language to consume our JavaScript SDK!

Private Ledger (Hyperledger Besu)

Create accounts, currencies, and transactions ​​in a permissioned ledger trusted by Hyperledger Besu.

For clients who need to create a financial system for creating accounts and internal transactions between wallets, we offer a permissioned blockchain layer, avoiding the high volume transaction costs of public blockchains.

πŸ“Creation of Projects and πŸ”‘ API Keys

This step is essential, when you start your Cryptum journey. You need to create your account and start a Project on our DASHBOARD. This Project will offer you an API Key, which will be used in all your Cryptum implementations.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Start building

Having a registered account and a valid API Key, you just need to search our documentation to start the implementations according to your business model. Below are some suggested GUIDES you can follow.

πŸ“ˆ Project Monitoring (Requests)

From your implementations, within your project's dashboard you will be able to monitor all your API requests in a detailed way. It will also be possible to manage Webhooks and Callbacks from our dashboard.

Don't forget that for all transaction operations, you need to have funds in your wallet! And Cryptum allows you to buy or sell crypto directly from our Dashboard! Just go through the KYC review!

Please note that transactions take a while to be included in blocks, processed, and settled. Each blockchain has a different time-to-finality that changes according to network conditions.

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