Getting started

Let your journey begin!

Create your Cryptum account

Your first step in Cryptum is in the Dashboard. You have to create an account with a valid email address or using social sign in - Google, Discord or GitHub!

Create and manage your Projects

After registering, you will access a screen where "Projects" can be created.

You can create different types of projects, according to your objective:

  • For Sellers > create a Store Project and integrate your e-commerce with Cryptum to receive crypto payments and/or sell NFTs.

Account settings

Access your account information to change data, manage billing, plan and more. In this section you can:

  • Manage your account info

  • Check invoices and change payment settings

  • Manage subscription plans

  • Manage team members

Analysis dashboards

You will be able to manage relevant insights from your entire account or even from each project. Cryptum has an account management dashboard and also inside each created project, with detailed information.

Store Projects

If you are going to use Cryptum to integrate your e-commerce with Web 3.0, you must create a Store project. In this project you will be able to integrate your online store through a StoreID and a valid API Key.

Then, choose whether to use it via Plugin or via API and start managing your products, your NFTs and/or your receipts in Crypto (Ether, CELO, Celo Dollar and much more).

  • Manage your Store information - earnings, orders and more

  • Create and manage NFTs

  • List your NFTs for sale in your e-commerce

  • Setup the wallets you want to receive crypto payments

  • Buy and sell crypto easily!

This type of project does not require a subscription plan! Cryptum will receive a 1% contribution on NFT sales and crypto checkouts.

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