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Understand your journey in a Development Project

If you're going to develop a Web3 project or product, you'll need to create an API Key to start using Cryptum's tools. Follow the steps below and get started now!

Development Projects

Development Projects allow your team to use a valid API Key to access all Cryptum development tools. From there you can use our SDK, our APIs and much more. Within a development project you can:

  • Monitor the health of your application through dashboard

  • Monitor success and failure requests

  • Monitor Webhooks configured by you

  • Analyze relevant project information, credit consumption and much more

Do not forget to create your account on Cryptum Dashboard:

Follow the steps and get started now!

🔑pageCreating a Project (API Key)🛠️pageStart building!📊pageMonitoring your Project📈pageMonitoring Requests

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