Stratus is an advanced Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) executor and JSON-RPC server that is revolutionizing the approach to blockchain scalability. Built with the precision and efficiency of Rust, Stratus is not just another blockchain platformβ€”it is a gateway to the future of decentralized applications.

One of Stratus's distinctive characteristics is its customizable storage, which currently includes In-Memory storage and PostgreSQL database solutions. This versatility ensures that Stratus can grow horizontally, seamlessly accommodating an increasing load and complexity of transactions without compromising speed or reliability.

Stratus also embraces a broader spectrum of applications beyond smart contracts. It empowers the creation of decentralized applications (dApps) that operate on a peer-to-peer network, further extending its utility to areas like gaming, social media, and beyond.

Stratus represents more than a technological leap. It's a vision for an interconnected, decentralized world, offering a robust platform for developers to build upon and a reliable infrastructure that promises to scale with the demand of tomorrow's decentralized applications.

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